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Expand your existing skills or try new things when you come gun hunting with us.

Gun HuntingThe hunting season is something that every hunter looks forward to. Once the weather starts to change, hunters everywhere start to find their hunting gear and get ready to find their prized whitetail deer or turkey; even rabbits are great game to go after. If you are looking to refresh your skills, try a new type of game or a new hunting experience, we here at Crazy Horn Outfitters, LLC would love to help you with an excursion where you can practice your gun hunting skills.

We offer many different types of hunts here at Crazy Horn Outfitters, LLC that allow you to fine-tune your gun hunting skills. With options to hunt deer, rabbits and turkey with both bows and guns, you can have your weapon of choice for most of our excursions. During our excursions, we want you to use the weapon that makes you feel most confident in your success as a hunter, so we offer options for shotgun with slug, muzzleloader or straight wall rifle cartridge permitted.

If you are looking to experience gun hunting with experienced guides for a guided or semi-guided hunt on an excursion like you’ve never experienced before, then you need to try us here at Crazy Horn Outfitters, LLC today. With thousands of acres to use over a variety of wooded and open spaces, you’ll have your pick of game to choose from. To learn more about what it takes to go on one of our gun hunting excursions, please give us a call.


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