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Fair chase hunting is an ethical and considerate approach to hunting.

Fair Chase HuntingHunting at its core is supposed to be an ethical and fair fight between man and game. Many people mistakenly believe that hunters are cold, callused killers, when in actuality, the opposite is true! Many hunters are calm, considerate individuals with a great respect for nature and its inhabitants. That is just one of the reasons why responsible hunters come to Crazy Horn Outfitters, LLC on a regular basis to get the most from fair chase hunting options.

Fair chase hunting is a form of hunting with a set of rules that is meant to give “fair chase” to the game or animal. When operating under fair chase hunting rules, a hunter cannot have an unfair or improper advantage over the animal. Some of the instances in which a hunter could not fire under fair chase hunting include if the animal is helpless in a trap, snow, deep water or ice, or if the hunter is operating from a vehicle, using poisons or tranquilizers, forcing animals into herds through the use of powered vehicles, or using some electronic devices that might aid the hunter unfairly.

Fair chase hunting is an ethical and fair form of hunting that ensures not only a clean and proper kill, but an ethical approach to hunting that can help prevent overhunting. If you are looking for an ethical hunting experience that you will enjoy and also feel right about enjoying, then contact us here at Crazy Horn Outfitters, LLC to learn more about our fair chase hunting options.