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3 Things to Do with That Turkey after
Turkey Hunting

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3 Things to Do with That Turkey after Turkey Hunting When you’ve had a successful turkey hunting trip, you’re going to come home with one or maybe even two birds. While you’re still riding the high of your success, soon you are going to realize that you’ve come back with the equivalent of a couple of Thanksgiving dinners and now are tasked with what to do with these gobblers. Here are a few options for you to consider if you don’t want to cook two turkeys the same way after turkey hunting.

1.   Roast- To brine or not to brine is a debate that is held by chefs and novice cooks alike. Turkeys are generally dry birds once they’re cooked, and brining can enable them to suck up some much-needed moisture. Whether you brine or not, be sure to give that bird a nice butter bath with herbs before roasting for delectable flavor and pan drippings that can’t be beat.

2.   Deep fry- Have you ever tried deep frying a turkey? Because deep frying is a great way to seal in moisture, it only makes sense to cook turkey, a rather dry bird, in this manner. However, deep frying a turkey is dangerous if not done correctly, so make sure you have read up on the fryer and know to gently lower, never drop, your turkey into the hot oil.

3.   Save- If you can’t (or don’t want to) eat your turkey right away in a gargantuan feast like a medieval king, then don’t worry– turkeys freeze beautifully either in pieces or whole.

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