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Rabbit Hunting

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Young or old, new or experienced, you’ll love rabbit hunting with us!

Rabbit hunting is one of the types of hunting that is just plain fun! Whether you are going out looking for an enjoyable trip or you are starting out a youngster on hunting, rabbit hunting is one of the best “starter hunts” to help them wet their whistle on hunting while earning a taste of success as well. Here at Crazy Horn Outfitters, LLC, we love having hunters new and experienced, old and young participate in our rabbit hunts, and we would love to have you accompany us as well.

Rabbit Hunting

When it comes to rabbit hunting, so much of the experience is simply a walk around Mother Nature. You don’t need blinds or stands like you do when hunting other animals; all you need is some tough clothing to withstand any tears you might get from briar patches and you’re good to go! With a little patience, determination and skill, you can enjoy the hunt or teach the next generation what it takes to be prolific at rabbit hunting.

At Crazy Horn Outfitters, LLC, we work with hunters just like you during the hunting season, and we would love to show you our patch of 11,000 acres, where we hunt all sorts of big and small game! We offer our rabbit hunting excursions for $125/day and would love to tell you more about our group rates. Please contact us today if you are ready to embrace your inner Elmer Fudd and enjoy some rabbit hunting!