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Our guided hunts will help you best navigate our more than 11,000-acre property.


Guided Hunts – There are many advantages of guided hunts, especially when you are headed to a property the size of ours at Crazy Horn Outfitters, LLC. It could take you much of your time with us to investigate our more than 11,000 acres of rolling hills mixed with pasture and hardwood lots on your own. We are not only experienced with this property, but we have also set up key areas that our guides can show you that will give you the best chance at a successful hunt. Since we do not exceed three hunters per guide, you won’t get the feeling that you are impeding the success of one another.

Guided hunts are not just for the novice hunter; there are many benefits involved for even seasoned pros.

For one thing, it is pretty challenging to get a great picture of yourself and of the successful hunt you accomplished. There is also the social aspect of being out in the hunt with others who have the same goal with whom you can share techniques and tips.

Examples of our guided hunts:

  • 5-day semi-guided archery hunts
  • 6-day semi-guided gun hunts
  • 4-day semi-guided muzzle loader hunts
  • 3-day semi-guided turkey hunts
  • 3-day fully-guided turkey hunts

We operate various guided hunts throughout the year, corresponding to hunting seasons in this area, as follows:

  • September through October 24th – Early season archery: Bow and crossbow permitted
  • December through January – Late season archery: Bow and crossbow permitted
  • October 25th through November – Archery Rut Hunts: Bow and crossbow permitted
  • End of November into December – Gun hunts: Shotgun with slug, muzzleloader or straight wall rifle cartridge permitted
  • First week of January – Muzzleloader hunts: Muzzleloader rifle permitted

If you have any questions about our guided hunts and availability, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Guided Hunts in New Athens, OH


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