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We want to be the best deer hunting outfitters – come and see for yourself if we are succeeding!

When you establish a hunters’ paradise with the intent on being the best deer hunting outfitters in the area, like we did at Crazy Horn Outfitters, LLC, you have to pay attention to even the smallest details. We knew we wanted a place where hunters could not only have a rewarding experience, but also be able to return to year after year. We put our focus into choosing the right property, developing it responsibly, and observing several fair chase hunting protocols that safeguard against over-hunting.

We settled on an amazing property comprised of 11,000 acres of rolling hills mixed with pasture and hardwood lots. The landscape of the property naturally lends itself to wooded funnel areas and provides enough space for food plots so we can support the wildlife community. It also enabled us to erect over 200 stand sites. We provide stands, blinds, and field transportation so you can get into place to hunt during your time with us.

Contact us today to learn more about our semi-guided archery, gun, and muzzle loader hunts, fully-guided turkey hunts, and rabbit hunts.