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We set out to be the best deer hunting outfitters in the area and we’re confident we have achieved that.

deer-cropIf you have ever tried hunting on your own small spot of land or even one a bit larger that a friend has offered, you know you can easily spend as much time encouraging deer, turkeys, and rabbits as you get to hunt them. In addition, it can be nerve-racking to worry about keeping up with the property line. The ideal solution for us at Crazy Horn Outfitters, LLC was to have some passionate hunters and outdoorsmen join forces to obtain, develop, and manage a hunting parcel of over 11,000 acres.

We have developed the property with more than 200 stand sites to prevent over-hunting, and we attract wildlife with food plots. The rolling hills are mixed with pasture and hardwood lots, including wooded funnel areas that offer a great opportunity for hunters. We took care to select a property with sufficient size and topography, while being close to shopping, restaurants, and just 1.5 hours away from the Pittsburgh and Columbus airports.

We offer both semi-guided and fully-guided hunts for archery, gun, and muzzle loaders during the appropriate hunting seasons. One guide will be provided to no more than three clients at one time. Examples of our guided hunts:

  • 5-day semi-guided archery hunts
  • 6-day semi-guided gun hunts
  • 4-day semi-guided muzzle loader hunts
  • 3-day semi-guided turkey hunts
  • 3-day fully-guided turkey hunts

We are intent on preserving the property for future hunts and have instituted suitable limits for that purpose. In addition, we employ several fair chase hunting protocols. For a hunting experience like none other, give us a call to reserve your time with the best deer hunting outfitters in the area.